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It’s your weekly snapshot and we’re happy to report that the Easter weekend busyness has passed! But did you know that the end of April and the beginning of May also marks the start of the dry season in the Kruger National Park? Why is this good? Because it’s the best time for game viewing - the vegetation becomes sparse and the animals are easier to spot! Plus, water becomes scarce so you’re sure to see plenty of wildlife congregating around rivers and waterholes.

Speaking of game viewing, to make doubly sure that you’re dressed properly for your next safari, a look at the weather forecast definitely doesn’t hurt. We’ve got the temps for Johannesburg, Cape Town, Skukuza and Pretoriuskop for the next week … so no matter where you’re staying, you can dress the part.

Top Tip - Firstly, try not to make the animal the centre of the pic. That sounds a little funny, doesn’t it?


Since this is your weekly snapshot, we thought it’d be fitting to give you a few basic but useful tips on photography. We know how important your holiday photos are to you, so we’ve decided to give you some advice on how to take an Insta-worthy pic while on safari. But remember, it’s all about protecting the animals at the end of the day, so if you plan to share these pics on social media, make sure the geo-tagging/location function on your phone is disabled, or rather post the pics a few hours later (after the safari) so as not to alert poachers to the location of the animals.

Let’s begin!

  • Firstly, try not to make the animal the centre of the pic. That sounds a little funny, doesn’t it? Ok, let us explain - it’s best to make sure that the animal isn’t in the centre of the frame. You can add context to the pic by making sure that the animal is either on the left, right, top or bottom of the shot.

  • Next … try and take the pic against a plain background. We know this isn’t always easy on a safari but if you do, it puts the focus on the animal and the photo ends up looking more striking and vivid.

  • Remember, lighting is crucial. If you’re going on a morning or afternoon safari, why not use the sun’s rays to your advantage? The right lighting can illuminate the subject of the photo and it’s great for setting the mood of the pic.

  • Focus, focus, focus! It’s important to have your phone or camera focused on the subject of the pic, so that it comes out clear. You may have to fiddle with your device settings to ensure that you have a single autofocus point as opposed to several points.

  • Stay focused. All it takes is a single moment to capture the perfect photo so it’s important to be ready and to keep your eyes open … after all, timing is everything!


For more great tips, go to theafricanphotographer.com.

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For those guests who have taken the plunge, booked with us and are now travelling to South Africa for their unforgettable safari, we thought these weather forecasts might help when it comes to packing … and you’re welcome.


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