Meet the Team

meet the team elephant

The Outlook Travel team is made up of a group of passionate individuals, who love not only South Africa, but this vast and thriving continent that we call home as well.

Founded in 1998, as Outlook Safaris by Leonard Van Der Walt and Robert Wienand, the company has grown substantially over the years, with team members like Steven Van Der Merwe and Elsabe Jooste joining the team soon after. The core values of the business, however, have remained unchanged - to share the beauty of South Africa, and Africa as a whole, with our guests, all while ensuring we make a positive impact on our nation and its people.

Through outstanding, professional and personalised service, considerable attention to detail and a genuine need to make our guests’ travel experience an unforgettable one, we believe that providing authentic experiences makes all the difference.

From our consultants to our safari and tour guides, the team at Outlook Lodges and everyone in between, we’re committed to making your travel and safari dreams a reality.