Take flight

Did you know that we can help you book your flights when you book a safari with us? Why, you ask? Because we want your experience in South Africa to be as simple and carefree as possible. For more info on these services, chat to our awesome sales team.

Reliability and ease

With so much to see and so many places to go, it’s no wonder you need an easy-to-use, reliable transfer services provider … that’s where our shuttle services come in. Whether it’s to the Kruger National Park and back, or to one of the surrounding areas (think Rosebank, Sandton, Centurion), you can call on us.

We do daily trips to Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport (KMIA) as well as to other lodges so that our safari guests don’t have to stress about how they’re going to get around. For more info on some of the services we provide, please see below.


Johannesburg International Airport ORT > 10 persons

Cape Town International Airport > 10 persons

Kruger Mpumalanga International > 10 persons

Kruger National Park Skukuza Airport

German and French only available if arranged 21 days or more prior to date and pending availability


Shuttle rates are priced per person

Shuttles are not private and other passengers might join

Shuttles operates only at specific times

Shuttle JNB to Skukuza to JNB

Shuttle JNB to Skukuza to KMIA

Shuttle KMIA to Skukuza to KMIA

Shuttle KMIA to Skukuza to JNB

Shuttle JNB to Skukuza to GK to JHB

Shuttle KMIA to Skukuza to GK to KMIA

Shuttle JNB to GK to JNB